* Open aluminum design allows for natural air flow" />

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Notebook Stand ALP-N050
  • * Aluminum material with exquisite sand blasting, perfectly matching your Laptop
    * 15 degree angle, no need to bend forward while using laptop
    * Laptop stand will fit any laptop between 10"-15.6"wide
    * Open aluminum design allows for natural air flow
* Ergonomic design: With the 15 -degree angle you do not have to bend forward when using your laptop. Make yourself more comfortable.

* Open design for better air circulation, avoidance of malfunctions and system crashes until the risk of overheating.

* Stability: The stand is made of high -quality aluminum alloy and has slip -resistant silicone pads to make your laptop more stable.

* Universal compatibility: The stand is not only compatible with the laptop, but also with iPad, tablet and Kindle etc.

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